Check In With Dr. Randeep Bhullar Regularly

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Check in With Your Dentist

If your gums are red and swollen, check in with Dr. Randeep Bhullar, DDS, it may be a sign your dentures don’t fit anymore.

Risks Of Untreated Tooth Decay

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report nearly one-third of adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay. Early detection is important: In the early stages, tooth decay is often painless and can be picked up only during a dental exam. A visible sign of the separate dental problem of periodontal disease is loss of bone around the teeth and requires a dentist’s intervention as well.

Dr. Randeep Bhullar, DDS

Risk factors for dental health are often tied to overall health. Dr. Randeep Bhullar, DDS, a senior dentist and owner of Reach Dental, laments that smoking and certain medications as risk factors for periodontal disease. “There’s a direct relation between gum disease and other diseases,” he admonishes his patients. If you’re on medications for high blood pressure or have diabetes, feel free to schedule appointment so you can be seen right away. However, if you are taking medication for these conditions or have diabetes, come in and talk to Dr. Bhullar about your condition. Additionally, people of all ages can drink fluoridated water to reduce the likelihood of tooth decay. Most cities have fluoride in tap water — however, the majority of bottled waters do not. If your water source doesn’t have fluoride, talk to Reach Dental about fluoride supplements.

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