Crowns & Bridges in Lawrenceville: The Mix Of Art And Science in Giving Back Your Smiles

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Dentistry has been described as both an art and science. Most of its treatments and procedures provide a natural and pleasing appearance which makes it hard to distinguish fake from the original. It does not only correct appearance, but it can also restore the overall function of the teeth. Several dental complications can be avoided if restoration procedures are performed. Crowns and Bridges are one of the examples that Dentistry works as a mixed form of Science and Art.


Our goal at Reach Dental is to provide the high-quality dental care to our patient’s while making sure that they are fully comfortable and relaxed. Each of our patient’s dental needs can be accomplished including the restoration of damaged or missing teeth. Crowns and Bridges are ideal for patients who want to achieve beautiful smiles without compromising its function.

Difference Between Crowns And Bridges

They are both readily available to preserve and restore the overall dental health of patients, but they work differently.

Dental Crowns are used to treat teeth that are too damaged for either direct or indirect fillings. They are shaped as ‘caps’ that can fully encase a tooth while appearing as natural as the other original teeth.

Conditions that can be fixed by Crowns:

  • Protect a weakened tooth due to either premature damage or decay
  • Hold the parts of a cracked tooth together.
  • Support teeth that have big fillings, or those who had undergone root canal
  • Replace a missing tooth (when used with dental implants)
  • Acts as anchors which holds a dental bridge in place
  • Correct teeth imperfections (misshapen, poorly shaped or severely discolored)

Dental Bridges, on the other hand, can fill up the gaps due to missing teeth. It is composed of dental crowns (anchors) and pontics(fake teeth) to replace single or multiple missing teeth.

Conditions that can be fixed by Bridges:

  • Preserves the oral structure that holds the teeth in place (gums & bone)
  • Helps in maintaining the shape of the face
  • Prevents teeth shifting h which occurs in an attempt to fill in the missing spaces
  • Can also be used as a dental prosthesis for dental implants

Dental Crowns and Bridges may act differently, but they both serve to restore the patient’s teeth as natural as possible. It is to help boost their confidence and self-esteem in dealing with everyday life either at home, work, or school. By restoring damaged or missing teeth, it does not only give back the smiles of patient’s, but it also makes sure that the teeth will be strong and healthy for a longer-lasting natural looking smile.


Restore and strengthen your smiles through Crowns and Bridges in Lawrenceville, GA. Call us at Reach Dental to book your appointment! We are located at 845 Scenic Hwy S #300, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.