What is a Sealant and how to properly care for it, Lawrenceville

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Proper oral hygiene is a great way to care for your teeth and gums. The practice of proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing prevents the buildup of plaques and bacterias. But, it is not always easy to clean all the areas of the mouth without missing some places especially your back teeth (molars). Molars are usually the place where the food debris get stuck due to its roughness and unevenness. Molars have fissures, and these are the areas on which the foods usually get stuck, making them prone to plaques, bacteria, and acid build-ups.

What is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a material placed on the tooth to fill in the pits and grooves. The sealant smoothens the teeth surface making it easier to clean and also prevents food debris from getting stuck on it. It acts as an added protection to the teeth surface which are usually hard to reach. After a sealant is applied to your teeth, it keeps away the food debris, acids, and bacterias settling on your teeth. Here at Reach Dental, we offer Dental Sealant services to the people of Lawrenceville and surrounding areas.

What to expect during Dental Sealant procedure

  • The dentist would first polish the surface of the tooth that needs a sealant. Plaques and food debris are removed from the pits and fissures to clear the area for the sealant. A hygienist would then perform tooth etching or the procedure of using an acidic substance to prepare the natural tooth enamel for the placement of adhesive. After this procedure, the tooth would then be dried for the application of the sealant.
  • After polishing, etching, and drying the tooth,  the dentist then would apply the sealant on the surface of the tooth by brushing it. A self-curing light would then be used for about 30 seconds to ensure the bond of the sealant to the tooth surface.
  • Lastly, the dentist would then examine to evaluate the sealant and check if it’s properly bonded to the tooth surface.

How to properly care for a Dental Sealant

  • Proper dental hygiene should be observed to keep the sealant in its best condition
  • Refrain from eating anything hard since it will cause the sealants to break
  • A regular dental appointment to the dentist

Proper hygiene practice with the help of regular dental checkups will assure you a great overall dental health. With the help of a professional, you will get the care that you need for the early prevention of any dental complications.


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