How to Adjust Sleeping with a Mouth Guard, Lawrenceville?

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Mouth guards are meant for a purpose. It is a dental device or tool which covers the teeth and gums at the time of playing sports or even to take care of bruxism or the issue of teeth grinding at night time. Also, it could be used during teeth bleaching process. It is also referred to as a mouth protector, or a night guard or even a gum shield.

When mouth guards came into use is not fully clear. As per available data, these came into use for boxing purposes and to safeguard the teeth and gums during this sport. It is on record that during the 1940s and 1950s, dental injuries accounted for about twenty-five to even fifty percent of all injuries while playing football. Also, the American Dental Association did a good amount of research on mouth guards at this time and began talking about the use of mouth guards to the general populace. In the year 1960, the ADA began recommending latex mouth guards for sports which involved any form of contact with them. Mouth guards, as on date, are recommended for use in ice hockey, field hockey, and lacrosse. In all, these can be used for a whopping 29 sports including basketball, bicycling, gymnastics, handball, rugby football, shot putting, skiing, skydiving, soccer, softball, squash et al.

Is it comfortable to sleep while using a mouth guard?

At times it is, and at other times, it may be a bit uncomfortable. It all depends on the user and how best he or she learns to use the mouth guard. Naturally, the first few times may be difficult for the user. But, when he or she learns the advantages which the mouth guard offers, they do find it better to learn to adjust to its presence.

Incidentally, mouth guards can be vacuum form ones. These are custom-designed but do not fit as well as the pressure-laminated ones do. The pressure laminated ones are also custom-made and offer a better fit and more of comfort than the others. The impressionless mouth guards are fashioned out of a medical-grade thermo polymer. These night guards are activated with hot water and fit into the mouth properly. Also, these are removable and even work well with braces. It is advisable to wear night guards or mouth guards even when a person has a habit of snoring. Such people tend to disturb those around them and their partners often are unable to sleep at night comfortably due to the noise from the snoring partner. Thus, to make life easier and simpler for everyone, it is best to go in for this remedial action. Of course, a bit of adjustment is required when one begins using mouth guards or night guards. However, this soon becomes a habit and the person becomes comfortable wearing them. The partners too can have a good sleep at night with no disturbing noise coming into their ears when they are asleep.

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