How to overcome Dental Fears? Lawrenceville, GA

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Are you having fears whenever you visit a dentist?

Dental phobia or rather called as odontophobia, Dentophobia and dental anxiety are the fears of dentistry and receiving dental care. It has been suggested that the term “dental phobia” should not be used for those who find their worries excessive or unreasonable but rather use the term posttraumatic stress disorder due to previous traumatic dental experience.

Here are some tips for you to overcome dental fears:

Recognize your fear

For you to have a better understanding of your feelings and how to address them is to write them down. Discussing these will help the dentist on how to deal with the dental anxiety and explain what’s causing the fear.

Choose a right dentist

Find dentist where you find yourself comfortable discussing your dental fears. Is there staff accommodating? Try to go to the dental clinic and meet the dentist personally. If the atmosphere is calm and you feel relaxed, and then that’s a good sign that can address your anxiety.

Communicate your fears and anxiety

Communicating is important in addressing your fear. Discuss your fears with the dentist.It is better to be vocal with your fears and anxiety. If the dentist knows your concerns and the causes, the dentist will be able to build an action plan to address it. If you get uncomfortable, the dentist will give signals and cues to have some breaks.

Bring a companion during appointments

If you have dental appointments, bring someone, may it be your friend or family, because it can offer a layer of support and assurance. Just a tip, bring someone who doesn’t have any dental fear.

Use distractions

Diverting your attention to the treatment can help lessen the anxiety. You can listen to music, fiddling a stress ball or even watch a funny video to help you relax before the dental appointment.

Visit a Psychologists

Psychologists are specialized in addressing fears including dental fear. If you have intensive fears, then it’s better to visit your psychologists.

Reward yourself

If you have overcome your dental fear or you completed a milestone of dental treatment, then it’s time to for you to reward yourself. Buy some ice cream or do something fun and so this will help you relate dental activities with pleasure.


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