Is It Toothbrush Or How You Brush That Keeps Mouth Clean?

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What Actually Keeps Your Mouth Clean?

Dr. Randeep Bhullar, DDS, says “No matter what type of toothbrush you use, it’s important to replace it regularly, use a toothbrush sanitizer, (which works by exposing the brush to ultraviolet light) and brush regularly to keep plaque level and cavity formation down”.

Does Ergonomic Toothbrush Help More?

Without regard to the comfort factor, using an ergonomic toothbrush is not a guarantee of good oral health. Most adults won’t see major benefits from them as compared to ordinary toothbrushes. Dr. Bhullar believes that “the benefits of using ergonomic toothbrushes as opposed to normal toothbrushes are not at all significant if you know how to use regular brushes.”

Generally, children are the ones that benefit mostly from the use of ergonomic toothbrushes because (at their age) they have not yet developed the manual dexterity needed to brush properly. Others are adults who have physical limitations, such as people who have had strokes or those with Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Bhullar observes that ergonomic toothbrushes can also be very helpful to people who are not very effective in brushing their teeth – by helping them get to areas they can’t easily reach.

If Ergonomic Toothbrushes Don’t Help, What Does?

According to Dr. Randeep Bhullar, DDS, Owner Reach Dental Lawrenceville, healthy brushing practices can have more impact on oral health than the type of toothbrush a person uses. Dr. Bhullar recommends brushing three times a day, preferably after meals. Brushing after meals generally helps keep plaque levels down and avoid cavity formation. He advises to form the habit of flossing daily. As a temporary measure, for those who can’t brush their teeth at certain times of day, like after lunch, it’s acceptable to chew sugar-free gum or rinse with a mouthwash after meal.

Dr. Bhullar recommends brushing with toothbrush with soft bristles for at least two full minutes to be sure that the teeth are cleaned.

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