How Can Crowns and Bridges Improve Your Smile in Lawrenceville, GA?

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There are various new ways that are available to make sure that our dental health and our smiles can improve in a drastic way. Be it at home or our trusted dental clinic in Lawrenceville, certain methods can ensure that our smiles be happy and healthy looking. Both traditional and conventional, as well as the modern ways in the field of dentistry as well as the new found ways, can help give us the teeth that we deserve. Both the methods ensure that our teeth are sparkly white, straight, and healthy looking, secure in the spots in our gums, being strong.

Certain methods out of those spoken above, some ways in the field of dentistry are those of Crowns and bridges. When teeth are left untreated, damages can be prolonged and lead to us losing our teeth. This can put holes not just in our mouth regarding gaps, but can also put holes in our personality, and can give us some embarrassing moments. Therefore, to repair these gaps and damages becomes important for all of us. Repairing them through the means of Crowns and Bridges at our clinic in Lawrenceville means we improve our personality, our appearance, and make our teeth functional again.

Dental crowns are one of the most important restorative methods in the field of dentistry. They are custom made cappings, made out of porcelain, that can be fixed over our teeth to restore their beauty as well as their functionality. In most cases crowns are recommended to cover the cracks, chips, and fractures in our teeth, the damages after the root canal can also be covered with the help of dental crowns. Worn out teeth with a damaged biting surface of our teeth can also be fixed with the help of crowns.

The dental bridges, on the other hand, are restorations that can help replace our missing teeth. They literally “bridge” the gaps between the teeth. They are prosthetics with fake teeth in a row with crowns fixed on them on either side. They are also made out of porcelain and can be very similar in their appearance to our natural teeth, as they tend to blend right in our dental aesthetics in a subtle manner. The bridges are removable though. They are fixed into place with the help of metal clasps, temporarily.

Both dental crowns and the bridges make sure that they restore the naturality of our teeth that have been damaged because of various reasons. Crowns help hold the dental bridges in place, to give you a better smile.crowns, therefore, can work singularly as well with the help of bridges as well. Both can work together to correct the biting problems as well.

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